1834 – 1860 ~ The Golden Age Returns

It was the custom of the socially prominent to circulate among various Virginia spas. The area around the springs was known as “The Grove” and was under the care of bathkeeper, John Davis.

1834 — Colonel John Strother arrives from Martinsburg and rebuilds hotel industry.

1835 — Turnpike from Winchester opens. Travel improves.

1839 — C&O Canal opens on north bank of Potomac River.

1842 — Duel fought over Sally McDowell affects national politics.

1843 — B&O railroad arrives in Sir Johns Run. Berkeley Springs is only fashionable Virginia spa accessible by rail.

1844 — FIRE! Destroys 14 buildings including hotels. Downtown redevelopment is result.

1848 — Strother completes elegant Berkeley Springs Hotel. President James K. Polk visits and stays there.

1852 — President Millard Fillmore visits.
David Hunter Strother begins writing and drawing as “Porte Crayon.”

1853 — Baths improved. Built 90-foot Ladies Bath House; 82-foot Gentlemen’s Swimming Baths and Gentlemen’s Spring House pavilion in current form.
Author Washington Irving visits.

First fisheries treaty with Great Britian negotiated and signed at Berkeley Springs.