Fires of Berkeley Springs  

ex-firesExhibit Manual

Museum of the Berkeley Springs

Hung: July, 2009

Prepared by Jeanne Mozier

The exhibit format limits the amount of information and number of photographs that can be displayed.  Viewing the exhibit will stimulate more questions from many who see it, questions about the hows, whys and whos of the plague of fires over nearly two centuries at the famed warm springs.  The following background information has been prepared to aid in answering those questions, drawing on the extensive amount of research conducted by the Museum in preparing this exhibit.

This manual of exhibit material may be used by either Museum docents or by visitors themselves.  The material is keyed to the two panels that make up the Fires of Berkeley Springs exhibit displayed in the Museum.  Each exhibit illustration or block of copy is listed in order of appearance and additional information provided including the source of the illustration or information.  Cross-references to other parts of the exhibit or manual are included to help guide the reader to all the relevant and connected pieces.  There are web links to information-based self-guided tours housed on the official Berkeley Springs site.

In addition to explanations, the manual contains copies of original documents or news stories when such are appropriate.

Funding for the research segment of the exhibit was provided by a grant from the West Virginia Humanities Council and the Washington Heritage Trail National Scenic Byway/ WV Department of Highways.  Credit for assistance and documents is listed on the exhibit as well as in the body of the manual.

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Panels 1 and 2

Town Burns and Burns – and keeps coming back